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Translating Spoc-Text and Spoc-Web

The Spoc-Text Editor and the Markup/Programming Languages it supports are extensible on different Levels. This Section shows how You can translate the Labels, ToolTips and Messages of these Applications.

Translation of Messages and Labels 

Spoc-Text Tool-tips and Messages are already translated into more than 60 Languages. These are delivered as plain Text *.cpp Files in a Sub-folder "Spoc-Text/_Resources" of Your Spoc-Text Installation as You can see in the Windows Explorer Screenshot below. Each Language has its own Sub-folder and contains one or more *.cpp Files.

To change the Language, just copy all Files from the corresponding Folder and insert them directly into the _Resources Directory, from which they will be applied when the Application is restarted.

The *.cpp Files have a very simple Format that can be changed with any Text-Editor:

  • Each Translation is written on a single Line
  • with the English Word at the Line-Start
  • and the Translation at the End,
  • separated by two Slashes.

The Translations provided are very rudimentary. If You find an Error or a better Expression, we would be grateful if You would not only correct this, but also send us the corrected File so we can incorporate the Changes in the next Version and also publish it in out Hall of Fame with Your Name on it. To avoid malicious Content, every Change must go through a Review by several independent registered Users.

Of course You should prefer Spoc-Text to edit its own Resources.

It supports the all Unicode Characters (Display Quality may be limited by the Font Though), also east-Asian and right-to-left Languages.

Here is the Arabic Translation File for Example: