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Gewusst wie...

How to... get Things done

This Area tries to set up a Process to support You.

Very often someone else has already encountered and solved Your Question. We try to build a Community that can sustain itself and StackOverflow.com as well as SemanticWeb.com are great Examples of that. The Operators welcome Questions, when they can be asked concisely and answered objectively.

Depending on the Issue, start here:

How to start with Spoc-Web?

You can simply start to note down individual Ideas or Concepts.

Don't be afraid, everything can be adjusted when You have new Insights or the Time to do so.

This is especially important if You use the Spoc-Web for Notes during Meetings, when Speed is important.


How to build Your Knowledge

Spoc-Web is easy to use, but its Power grows with Your Skill to use it.

This Power allows You to quickly find the Information You were searching for or to easily build a Presentation or a Document from the collected Data.

The Difference between an unstructured Spoc-Web to a structured is huge, even larger than between a well-structured Wikipedia Article and a Web-Forum full of Junk and Advertising.

  • Learn to structure Information using Nodes, Connections, but also Tables.
  • Make yourself comfortable to use Spoc-Web for Presentations.
  • Try to import as much as You can, instead of capturing it by Hand


How to weed Spoc-Web

Building Your Knowledge is not a one-off Action. It needs Maintenance just like a Garden needs weeding:

  • wrong Ideas must be corrected or removed
  • outdated Material must be updated
  • disparate Knowledge should be consolidated

This is work, but without it, Spoc-Web will not be as useful as it could be.