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Spoc-Web, Your Knowledge Map

Welcome to Spoc-Web; our Desktop Application allows You to manage all your Knowledge and Data in a single Place, be it personal or enterprise-related.

Watch the Videos on YouTube, try out the free Version or read the Introduction on Knowledge Management and semantic Webs on this Site.

You will be surprised, how easy to learn, yet effective the Concepts are and hoch much Potential there is. Knowledge is already the most important Enterprise-Capital and its Significance will grow further.

Do You know these Situations?

  • You are searching for some info that you know You knew, but cannot recall right now...
  • You have to take an important quick note, but don't know where to put it or in which format (Email? OneNote? Word? you name it)
  • How do You make sure that You can easily find it later?

Search Engines are useless, because...

  • You need to know the Name of what You're searching for
  • The Search Engine has no idea of You and the current Situation
  • and if it knew, this should be a great security concern to You


Spoc-Web is here to help You:

  • You can enter and import anything, from Notes to Music, Email, Office Documents, even Databases
  • You can connect every item with anything else
  • It stores Everything on Your Computers, nowhere else. After all it is Your Data!
  • You can move or distribute Data and Application just by copying, no Installation required.


Spoc-Web is our Passion!

We have encountered these situations a thousand times and we experimented with hundreds of tools and methods to document and manage knowledge.

This project is born from our strong Conviction that there must be a better was than possible with the current Applications.

It is our Goal is to support You in managing all Your personal Data in an easy and intuitive manner.


The Future:

Spoc-Web has been in development for quite a while now and it has demonstrated the capabilities we were looking for in our personal, quite ambitious knowledge management.

It has a strong Foundation in Semantic Web and relational Database Theory which provide both ultimate Flexibility and top Performance, also at Enterprise Scale.

Spoc-Web provides the unique Chance to concurrently evolve both the Data and the Model. All this in an easy to use Tool that supports both Operators and Modellers, allowing both to interact and learn from each other.


We need Your feedback to tune this product to Your needs.

Please participate in the discussion in the Blog or on Facebook.


Your Knowledge at a glance

With Spoc-Web You can enrich all Your Data with Graphics and Audio, connect Everything and arrange it into always changing Configurations.

Sample Spoc-Web View: Progressive Rock
Sample Spoc-Web View: Progressive Rock

Your Data on Your Computer

Spoc-Web requires no Installation. It can start from an USB Stick and works with Your File Structure. You can adjust it to Your Environment.

We take Security very serious. Don't believe the Cloud Hype! Your Data is safe only when it resides on Your Hardware.

Multimedia Presentations

Spoc-Web manages Your File System if You wish so, also Your Music-Collection. You can integrate additional Information from the Internet into the Audio Objects or enter and link personal Data.

In Presentation-Mode, Spoc-Web plays the Hit Lists You create from Pictures, Audio and other Media-Objects automatically!

Integration von Karten und Daten

Sample Spoc-Web View: Continents~Europe; Click to view Full-Screen
Sample Spoc-Web View: Continents~Europe; Click to view Full-Screen

This is an Example for the Graphics Capabilities of Spoc-Web:

Countries, Cities, Rivers and Maps can be imported.

These Objects are all managed separately and can be reused and combinied to ever new Views. Not only that, Graphics can dynamically adjust to changing Data.

Continuous Zoom allows to map and mix scaled Data of any Magnitude.

Exact, quantitative Graphics

Graphics in Spoc-Web are alive:

every Element is a standalone Objekt, that can be Key to another Data-Universe.

Users interact directly with Data, instead of filling in Tables or Forms.

CO² Emission of USA and China von 1800-now
CO² Emission of USA and China von 1800-now


Import any Data in many Formats

The flexible Storage Format allows to import any Data and Structures. No matter if its Databases, Office Documents, Text Files or Web-Content, Spoc-Webs Suite of Importers are continuously expanded.