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Request Support or report Bugs

Thank you for your Feedback! We need Your Help to be able to improve the Software and our Services. Here You can request Support or report Malfunctions of the Applications available from this Site. Please try to reproduce your Problem and describe the Actions needed and the Error so that we can reproduce it.

If we cannot reproduce the Error, we will ask You to send us an EMail with the technical Log File attached. You can find the Log File in your temporary Folder. It will be named SpocWeb.Log resp. SpocText.Log. 

Requesting Support

You are eligible for Support when you have purchased the Software available on this Site. Alternatively Support is offered online for an hourly rate. Please use the Form below to state your Request.

Steps to report a Bug

In most Cases we can fix Bugs only if we can reproduce them ourselves. Please support us, so we can quickly help You.

  1. Try to reproduce the Error for Yourself. If that is not possible, but happens again, try to describe the Circumstances when the Bug happens and how often.
  2. Exit Spoc-Web by closing all Windows. Sometimes an Error can prevent the Application from properly working. A clean Start often helps.
  3. Open Your temporary Directory by entering %temp% into the Windows Explorer Adress Line.
  4. Search, zip and delete all "SpocWeb*.log" Files there for clean Log File. Leave the Search open.
  5. Then start Spoc-Web again and try again to reproduce the Error.
  6. When the Error happened again, close Spoc-Web.
  7. Open a new E-Mail to us
  8. Refresh the Windows Explorer Search Result from Step 4 and attach the newest SpocWeb*.log File (or a ZIP of it) to the E-Mail
  9. Describe Your Actions to reproduce the Error.
  10. Send us the Mail, we will get back to You in any Case.

Thank You very much for Your Help! Without it we cannot process the Error.

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