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Converting other Document Formats to STX

This Section explains how to convert HTML, Text and MS Word Documents to the Structured TeXt Format.

Using the Clipboard

Spoc-Text supports copying an pasting from the Clipboard. This is the easiest way to transfer any Document Content to STX:

  • open the Document in its Editor e.g. Word or in the Browser
  • copy it to the Clipboard (Ctrl+C). Most Applications will put a HTML-formatted Copy into the Clipboard
  • change to Spoc-Text
  • create a new STX Document (Ctrl+N) and save it with the *.STX Suffix
  • paste the Clipboard Content into this new Document (Ctrl+V). SpocText converts the HTML to STX retaining all Formatting. 

Now you have a formatted STX Document. It will probably contain some Formatting Artifacts from the previous Format, but now since it is all Text, you can easily correct that.