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Building a Spoc-Wiki using Spoc-Text:

Using Spoc-Text, it is extremely easy to start a new WIKI that you can take and edit anywhere.


What is a WIKI anyway?

A Wiki is a set of Documents that are...

  • interlinked using Hyperlinks
  • easily editable

The most prominent Wikis is, of course, the Wikipedia, a Wiki maintained by thousands of people around the world. And now you can build your own, without having to learn HTML or setting up complex Tools. Just use Spoc-Text.


Wikis are extremely useful to maintain Notes or a Documentation or just to manage your daily Chores.

The Hyperlinks allow to build any Structure you like and keep the individual Documents small and semantically unique and uniform.


How many WIKIs should I create?

This is essentially the same Question as for Spoc-Web Databases. A single Wiki is most useful, because you don't need to repeat Things and keep Single Points of Change (SPoCs), but there are several Things to consider:

  • Size: a single Wiki can become quite large and splitting it up later without breaking its Hyperlinks is hard
  • Privacy: When you mix private and public Content, People you share our Wiki with can see your personal Notes. Since the Pages are hyperlinked, Links to private Pages can give away Information, even when they are not navigable.
  • Coherence: Using a single Wiki for everything can even slow you down, because you cannot specialize:
    • Focus: Maintaining a mental Focus is harder when you could link to any Topic
    • Structure: Different Domains will require different Structures
    • Quality: You need to keep a minimum Level of Quality if you want to use or share your Wiki. But to maintain this Level for all Articles / Documents is often too much of an Effort.

Eventually you have to decide how to set up your Wikis. The Thoughts listed here should support you in taking the best Decision.


How to start your WIKI?

Most people start with a single Document. Most often this contains only an Outline first with Topics and Sub-Topics grouped by Indenting. This is an excellent Beginning to gradually move to linked File Structures as the Volume of the Wiki grows: Usually a Topic with all Content below it can be moved to a new Document and the Topic Title is made into a Hyperlink.

  • To start, just create a new Folder on your Computer where you mostly work. Name it according to the Content you want to collect e.g. "Wiki", "Work" or "Private". Then add a new, empty Text File to it named like the Folder e.g. "_Wiki.stx". Using an Underscore '_' or '@'-Character will keep the Document at the top of your File List in this Folder so you can easily locate it when the Number of Files grows.
  • Now start adding Headings of the most important Things you want to keep track of in this Wiki
    • you can already add Notes or Keywords now
  • Now add your content. Don't be shy, just write away.
  • When your Document becomes too long link out the largest Chapters into individual Documents:
    • mark a Section, cut and paste it into a new Document with the Section Name in this Folder
    • Link this Document from where you cut the Content.