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Spoc-Text - the Application

From a high Level Point of View, the Spoc-Text Application is a very extensible WYSIWYG Text Editor.

Why Text?

Text is a fundamental and extremely robust Data Type. Text Files in their current Format exist since the Standardization of ASCII in 1960 and will always be readable no matter when or on which Computer. The Inclusion in ISO-8859 in 1986 and in Unicode (1991) opens up Text Files for all the World's Languages.

Due to the Redundancy in plain Text, even heavily damaged Files may still be readable, unlike binary or zipped File Formats where even a single flipped Bit may render the whole File useless. 

You should not base Your Documents on proprietary and complex File Formats, because

  • it locks out many Tools and Applications e.g. 'grep' for regular Expression Search 
  • it requires expensive Workarounds like Indexing Engines, instead of just doing a plain full-text Search
  • you have to migrate Your Documents as it happened for MS Office (doc => docx etc.) or Star-Office
  • Applications may die out; the rapid Changes in the IT Industry requires continuous Maintenance and Platform Ports
  • Complex or Formats are prone to Corruption or Viruses, because they cannot easily be verified.

Spoc-Text Design Principles

These are the Principles that guided us through the Spoc-Text Design. Knowing them will help You to grasp the Spirit of this Application.

  • Simplicity: Spoc-Text is easy to start with, common Toolbars and Keyboard Shortcuts allow an easy Transition from well-known proprietary Editors like MS Word to this open Text Format.
  • Openness: Spoc-Text does not lock You into a closed System. We create and use open Formats like STX, so You can use any other Text Editor on any Computer.
  • Flexibility: We leave a lot of Flexibility to You in using Spoc-Web and don't prevent You from using it in new, unexpected Ways. Therefore and due to its Openness, it is possible for You to even break it, although we built in some Checks. But we rather offer a powerful Feature than restraining You. This is an Application for Power Users.
  • Robustness: Spoc-Text does not easily break.
  • Performance: Performance and Space Consumption are important Factors and we try to find the optimum Solution to these conflicting Forces.