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Spoc-Text: WYSIWYG Editing of plain Text Files

Spoc-Text allows to use all the great Tooling for Text and Mail Files on Rich Multimedia Text Files.

  • Visual and easy to use like MS Word, it even uses the same Buttons and Shortcut Keys.
  • Clean and open: no hidden Features, all is plain Text and can be edited on any device, even in Web Pages.
  • Minimal Markup: unobtrusive, easy to learn and hide-able.
  • Tool-Tips, Auto-Text, Snippets and Spell-Checking for rapid Editing.
  • Hyperlinks, Pictures, Voice and Sound for a rich Multimedia Experience.
  • Runs on any Windows Computer without Installation; take your WIKI with you on a Memory-Stick. 

Here is a Screenshot of the Editor with a Text Sample demonstrating some of the Features:

(Sample Spoc-Text Files are available here)


Rich Text Features

Spoc-Text supports the most important Text Formatting Features of HTML/Word:

  • Structuring with Headings, Paragraphs, bulleted or numbered Lists and horizontal Lines
  • Text Formatting, including Font, Color, Size, Under/Overline, Strike-through etc.
  • Hyperlinks and Graphics
  • Tables for structured Data

Always plain Text

Spoc-Text creates normal Text Files. You get readable and searchable Text, so You can use any other Text-Editor and a rich Toolset of Text Processing Software like Full-Text-Search, Archiving, Text-Differencing and Merging etc.

Text Files provide the most stable Basis for long term Storage and Archiving.

Styling instead of Formatting

Spoc-Text creates a Rich-Text Experience not by formatting each Word manually, but by styling marked Content. The Style is maintained in a separate CSS Document, which is more manageable. You achieve:

  • consistent Styling throughout the whole Document
  • consistent Styling across many Documents e.g. to enforce Corporate Identity
  • powerful re-styling of arbitrary many Documents

Define your own Markup Language 

Content is marked up for Styling using special Characters or Text Layout like e.g. Indenting.

Several Markup Languages are predefined in Spoc-Text and you are free to modify them as described here

You can also extend or create new Markup Languages using a distinct Grammar and map it to CSS Styling.

Large Text Files

Spoc-Text is tuned to work with large Text Files. Unlike other Rich Text Editors it allows you to process Files with several million Characters.

Structured Text Format (*.STX)

Spoc-Text supports, among many others, a new Text Format called "Structured Text".

This Format was invented with the following Goals in Mind:

  • Readability: STX should be well-readable with any Text Editor, just without the Spoc-Text Styling.
    • STX Elements use ASCII Equivalents where possible like [x] for Check-boxes, * for Bullet Points, --- for horizontal Lines
    • STX Tags consists only of three Characters: {, } and \ to 'escape' the Braces, i.e. to remove their special Meaning.
  • Compatibility: Simple Text as defined since the early 1960s is already valid Structured Text. This makes STX Files a valid Archive Format. You can expect to read and edit it on any past, current or future Computer.
  • Consistent Markup: STX is fully compatible to XML, but briefer and readable 

As a Result, STX Files are typically smaller and cleaner than their (compressed) MS Office Equivalents. Since Spoc-Text can show the full Markup, Writers and Editors can see and fix all Formatting Problems. 

Other Spoc-Text Features

  • Multi-lingual Spell-checking with Your own Dictionaries
  • Text-to-Speech Reading with multiple Voices
  • Rapid Table Editing using only the Keyboard
  • Copy/Paste with all Office and Text Applications
  • HTML Import & Export
  • Linked Multimedia Elements: Graphics & Sound Files
  • Compressed *.STZ Format to combine Text and Multimedia Elements into a single, small file
  • Mouse Gestures for vertical and horizontal Text-Scrolling

The Spoc-Text Application

Spoc-Text is a very "clean" Application, because it...

  • needs no Installation
  • keeps Your Information safe on Your Computers
  • uses open Standard Technologies
  • allows You to access and modify most Parts of the Application: Text, Icons, Styling, Language Grammar etc.