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Spoc-Text Samples

Here You can find Sample Files demonstrating every Excel Feature in Spoc-Text. By downloading or running this Software, You accept this End-User License Agreement. Copies of these Files must retain the Copyright Notice.

If You don't agree, do not download or use the Files.


Ultimately open File Format: plain Text

Spoc-Text Files are pure Text Files, so you can view them in any Editor of your Choice. But only Spoc-Text brings them to Life: With it you have

  • WYSIWYG Editing with the Rich Text Features you desire
  • Spoc-Calc Features: Copy from and to any Excel Sheet and keep calculating
    • Freely mix Text, Images, Tables, Data and Formulas
  • No hidden Settings or Data
  • minimal File Size
  • Compatibility with any Text Editor, Email- or Messaging Application
  • Change Themes, Styling and define new Styles using CSS
  • Define new Programming or Markup Languages

Spoc-Calc Example File Downloads

Here are some Examples of Spoc-Text Files with Calculations. Since they contain only Text, you can view and edit them with any Text Editor. Only in Spoc-Text though they become active Documents you can navigate, calculate and link together. You can copy Parts or whole Excel Worksheets into Spoc-Text and continue working. Sample Spoc-Text Files demonstrating any Excel Feature are available on Request.

Excels CONVERT Function as plain Spoc-Text File
Converts a Number from one Measurement system to another. For example Distances in Miles to kiloMeters or Pounds into Grams.
Text Document 9.3 KB
Spoc-Text supports all mathematical Operators: +-*/^ etc.
Common Precedence Rules apply, e.g. * is processed before + etc.
Text Document 6.5 KB

Excels LinEst Function in a plain Spoc-Text File
The LinEst Function calculates the Statistics for a Line to best fit your Data by using the "least squares" Method.
Text Document 10.4 KB
Spoc-Text decomposes Matrices into EigenValues
Singular Value Decomposition allows to analyze and fix common Problems in solving linear Equation Systems. This is not available in most Spreadsheet Applications
Text Document 5.4 KB

Spoc-Text Example File Downloads

Here are some Examples of Spoc-Text Files with rich Markup. The Markup is unobtrusive and can be hidden to obtain a WYSIWYG View of the Text. Semantic Markup refers to the Practice to assign distinct Style Classes to the Texts Subjects and styling these using Cascading Style-Sheets (CSS)

Tom Sawyer Sample as Spoc-Text File
Demonstrates semantic Styling using CSS Style Names
Text Document 1.8 KB
Tom Sawyer Personae CSS StyleSheet
Defines Colors, Fonts and Voices to highlight Speech of each Person.
Cascading Style Sheet File 393 Bytes