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Einführung in Spoc-Web

Introduction to Spoc-Web

Spoc-Web is an unprecedented Combination of different Aspects from cognitive Psychology and Creativity Research with Technologies of relational Databases and the next Generation of the World Wide Web: the semantic Web.

These introductory Texts explain all the Concepts used in Spoc-Web in simple Terms. They are useful in their own right, because You get familiar with basic Structures that help You manage Information and Knowledge of any Kind.

Maps and Webs

From Visualization and Creativity Research stem different Techniques or Information Representation supported by Spoc-Web. These related Methods like Mind Maps, Concept Maps and Topic Maps provide great expressive Power and are explained and compared in this Section.


This Section shows how we model Reality and introduces the Concepts used by Spoc-Web and the semantic Web. Modelling is split into two Domains to properly separate Data of individual Objects from Data about Sets and Collections and that is what the next two Sections are about:


Here we introduce the Modelling of individual Things and Events that we deal with every day.

Collections, Sets and Classes

This Part explains Modelling of Collections and Sets of Things. Handling large Numbers of Items uniformly yields great Processing Power.

Tables and Databases

Here we give a brief, but thorough Introduction into the Theory behind modern Databases. This is important because the Concepts can be re-used to model any Problem.

Semantics for Everyone

Semantics is the Theory of Meaning and that is exactly what is missing e.g. in Search Results from Google or bing.

In this Section we debunk the Myth about the semantic Web and show how everything fits together with Modelling and relational Theory.

What is SPOC?

This Chapter presents the Origins of the Name "SPOC" with some fun and many serious Explanations.

The Spoc-Web Application

Here we discuss the Design Principles of the Spoc-Web Application. We will show that Spoc-Web is a very "clean" Application, because it...

  • needs no Installation
  • keeps Your Information safe on Your Computers
  • uses open Standard Technologies
  • allows You to access and modify many Parts of the Application