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What is SPOC?

SPOC is the Idea to combine the well-known Techniques of associative Maps with the Principles of the Semantic Web. The Semantic Web is an Extension to the well-known World Wide Web that allows Computers to better assist People in finding and processing Information.

This unifies the Ideas of Mind Map, Concept Map and associative Map and builds an open and powerful Foundation to search, capture, process and display as well as output Information in a strongly typed and searchable Manner.

SPOC - the Name

Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock
Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock

SPOC stands primarily for the three Parts of a Statement, the basic Element of the Semantic Web:

  • Subject: an Object, typically the active Role (Nominative)
  • Predicate, Relation or Verb: the Kind of Relation between the two
  • Object or Value: a Value or another Object, mostly the passive Role (Accusative)
  • Connections: The three of them form "Connections" that Knowledge is built of

It is no Accident that this closely matches the grammatical Structure of a basic Sentence in most human Languages. Information and Knowledge has always been conveyed using spoken Language and the Patterns are universal. The Color Codes are consistent with the Node Colors of the respective Relations in the Spoc-Web Application, so they can easily be recognized.


These alternative Interpretations are also important to us (surprise us with more Interpretations):

  • SPOC also stands for "Single Point Of Change", a very important Principle in Design, Engineering and Management.
  • And lastly it also closely matches the Name of our favorite Semi-Volcanian Fellow Mr. Spock from the "Star Trek" TV Series.